Website Development Techniques

The custom websites I design and develop span from simple, elegant sites to highly dynamic, full feature sites. The foundation for nearly all web page development is HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and I have extensive experience developing in HTML. To make websites with a seamless layout which are also search engine friendly, I employ Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), allowing elements to be positioned virtually anywhere on the screen, regardless of the visitor’s monitor resolution. I use scripting languages such as JavaScript to create user-friendly tools such as a bookmarking option or dynamic features such as rotating images. I also have experience with PHP (Hypertext PreProcessing) and Common Gateway Interface (CGI) to create dynamic page content and features such as contact and referral forms. Additionally, all of the websites I design come with a secure, comprehensive web traffic analyzer to help you assess the success of your site which you can access any time. There is virtually no limit to the types of features I can build into your site – if you see a feature on another site, we can probably incorporate it into yours.

Together with my eye for design, my strong technical skills ensure that your small business website will not only be aesthetic to users, but deliver rich features and user-friendly elements. To learn more about how the Austin WebKing can help design and develop your small business website, please contact me.