Austin, Texas was ranked by Forrester Research as 2005ís most wired metro area of the 50 most populous cities in the US. With so many residents online, your small business needs an easily found website to connect to these potential customers.

Source: Forrester Research, Inc.

The Austin WebKing is a small web design and development company dedicated to helping other small businesses establish or improve their Internet presence. My goal is to build aesthetic, custom websites with a look and feel that matches each businessís image and delivers increased customers and sales.

My education and experience is a convergence of art and programming. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Arts in Art, but Iím currently employed by the largest health-related national nonprofit as their Reporting and Analysis Manager. Building superior websites leverages both of my strengths - an eye for design and the skill for programming and development.

I was in college when the first graphical browsers were released in 1994 and I built my first website as part of a university course in 1995. I realized then how the Internet was emerging as a revolutionary way of conveying information and continued to learn about web development throughout college. After school, I built several personal websites as well as websites for friends, as a way to both learn more about added standards and practice new techniques. Since then, I also periodically built business websites, but have only recently decided to promote my services as a business.

Now I am using my experience and expertise to help small businesses build and deploy websites to promote their services. As more and more of the U.S. population has access to the Internet, now more than ever, itís crucial for businesses to promote themselves online. Learn more about the importance of promoting your small business online.